Minecraft Server Rules

These rules are specifically for on-server behavior, but the general spirit applies to the forums as well.

1.) Be excellent to each other.

Everyone is here to have fun. Try to be a fun person and
don’t intentionally ruin other people’s fun. Try to respect
everyone’s expressed wishes and don’t do anything that
would make a reasonable person upset.

This includes standard rules like no greifing, no trolling,
no cheating, etc. Use your common sense.

No sore losers clause: If you turn on PvP, take that as an
invitation for players to try to kill you.

2.) Don’t Hate

Bigotry or hate of any kind will not be tolerated to any

Try not to make other people feel bad. If you
unintentionally do so, you may be asked to check your
behavior. None of us are here to feel bad, so just try not
to be mean.

3.) Don’t Fight in Chat

If you have a disagreement with a moderator, don’t turn it
into a fight on the server.

We grant our staff a large amount of discretion in order to
ensure a pleasant environment for our players, but we still
take accusations of moderator and admin abuse very
seriously, as we have a zero tolerance policy for it.

If a mod or admin takes a course of action that you don’t
agree with, and you are unable to resolve it through civil
discussion, take screenshots, not the time, and make a post
in the community concerns section on the forum.

The same goes for disputes with other players. If you are
unable to resolve the dispute through a reasonable length
civil discussion, involve a moderator, or if there isn’t
one online, make a post to the community concerns section
(this will ping the admins).

Drama may be fun to watch from a distance, but it can ruin
the game for those involved, so try to keep it out of the

4.) Don’t advertise or spam chat

This should go without saying, but we aren’t your
advertising platform. Don’t mindlessly shill other servers
or your personal website or what not. In general, try not
to clog chat with things no-one wants to read.